1. Sometimes, I need the blurriness to help me focus.

  2. My wife at sunset on Old Mine Road in Montague NJ.

  3. Two year olds and puppies.

  4. GDP, answering his camera. Don’t you take photos with your phone?

  5. Epic 686. On loan, has to move on, I only fished it once, this morning, hooked three pickerel, didn’t land any, beautiful morning.

  6. The boy tossing flies under a bridge.

  7. Only and Howler Bros.

  8. Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Kate.

  9. Went fishing with my grandfather-in-law yesterday on the watershed for Newton NJ. Morris Lake is huge and deep, we were the only two on it all day. A few great fish were caught, a bunch of good fish, there was gorgeous weather, wicked sunburn and a bunch of great stories between two liars, errr fisherman.

  10. A little shout out and love to the one and only Nick Murray, aka The Man in the Striped Pajamas. Brooklyn 2013.